World Bank Group Country Office Building Kabul, Afghanistan

Maryland Masonic Homes Cooling Tower Replacement

Cockeysville, MD (March 2020)

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Maryland Masonic Homes Cooling Tower Replacement

Cockeysville, MD (March 2020)

MEP Designs Inc. was hired to replace the 500-ton cooling tower serving the Maryland Masonic Homes facility located at 300 International Circle, Cockeysville, MD.  The Maryland Masonic Homes is a short-term rehabilitation rating of high performing and a long term care rating of average.  It is a medium facility with 88 beds that is part of the continuing care retirement community.

We investigated the cost effectiveness of replacing  open loop cooling tower with closed loop cooling tower.  We did a load analysis to determine optimal capacity of the tower considering the system constraints such as capacity of existing pumps and pipe sizes.  The new cooling tower controls are of the DDC type and are integrated with the existing controls system and mimic the sequence of operation of the old cooling tower.  MEP Designs also reviewed the existing water treatment system of the condenser, tower and chilled water and provided recommendations to mitigate/eliminate the scaling and/or corroding of the pipes and increase thermal efficiency of the HVAC system.

The facility remained occupied during the construction and at no time was the facility without cooling, heating, or electrical power.  MEP Designs made provisions for a temporary tower to maintain full operation of the HVAC system during construction.



World Bank Group Country Office Building

Kabul, Afghanistan (February 2020)

MEP Designs completed the Commissioning of the Engineering Systems serving the new 60,000 square foot World Bank Group Country Office Building in Kabul, Afghanistan.  The building is a six (6) story concrete structure with 2-1/2 levels below grade and 3-1/2 levels above grade.  It was designed as a Class-A office building with the following amenities: underground parking, conference center, commercial kitchen, restaurants/cafeteria, data center, mail room, fitness center, party room, etc.  The building was designed in the metric system following the International Building Codes.  It is fully powered by three prime diesel electric generators. The building is equipped with on-site well water pumping and water purification system, and a sewer treatment plant

The WBG Country Office Building was designed with sustainability features such as Building Management and Control System, Solar Panels, Green Roofs, CO2 Demand Control Ventilation System, Lighting Management System, Rain Water Harvesting System, Grey Water Recycling System and high efficiency Variable Refrigerant Variable Flow HVAC system.

The Building was awarded the USGBC LEED-Earth-First-LEED Project and LEED-Gold Certification.  MEP Designs, Inc. is honored and proud to have been part of the Project Team as the Building Commissioning Authority.

Compounding Pharmacy

Fairfax, Virginia

Permit plans for a new compounding pharmacy in Fairfax is already in the city for review.  The team in MEP Designs provided engineering services for the 2,300-SF space.  The new pharmacy will have compounding labs in compliance with various levels of The United States Pharmacopeia compounding standards (USP795, USP797, and USP800).

Our engineers worked closely with the owners, architect and contractor to ensure performance criterion are met.  Design of compounding labs require extensive levels of air-changes per hour, while maintaining specific levels of room-to-room pressurization, according to the lab classification, e.g. sterile vs non-sterile, and hazardous-compounding vs non-hazardous-compounding.

MEP Designs is a certified Local Disadvantage Business Enterprise (LDBE) by the Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority (MWAA); LDBE certification  No. LD 2009-0123-2016

MEP Designs is a certified SWaM vendor in the state of Virginia; SWaM certification  No. 650873

MEP Designs is SBE Certified by the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) and the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT)