2013 is gone and 2014 is well underway. We had a technical problem with past blog entries due to change of hosting service and we lost every thing we had posted in the last two years. So we decided to add everything in one entry and call it our One Year Album.

We even included those Jeep parking pictures; poor Mitch he couldn’t find a parking spot, thanks heaven his Wrangler lived to the mission!

Jeep-1 Jeep-2 Jeep-3 Dinner_Party_1 Dinner_Party_2 Dinner_Party_3 Dinner_Party_4 Dinner_Party_5 Dinner_Party_6 Dinner_Party_7 Dinner_Party_8 Bowling_Night AHR_EXPO China_1 China_2 China_3 China_4 China_5 China_6 China_7 China_8